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What Do Plus And Minus Signs Mean In Sports Betting?

A moneyline bet is the most straightforward wager you can make. With a moneyline bet, you are simply betting on who you think will win the game. In our example of 38.5, if you think the total points scored will be higher than 38 then you’d place a wager on the over. For those thinking less than 38 points will be scored a wager on the under would be more to your liking.

If you’re someone with deep pockets who likes to bet big, spread betting is for you since the limits will usually be large relative to other markets. Points spreads can cause some goofy situations in sports fandom and betting. Many are the bad beat stories from otherwise meaningless plays in long-decided games swinging the betting outcome. But at the end of the day, bettors enjoy spread betting, so it’s a staple of the industry. Another thing that many casual bettors don’t take into consideration when betting the MLB Run Line is the disadvantage that the home team has. When the home team is favored they will need to win by two or more runs in order for a wager on them on the run line to win.

If you went line-shopping and found the same bet for -175 at another sportsbook, you would pocket $6. Understanding betting odds allows you to pick between good and bad odds. Moneyline boasts one of the most comprehensive assessments of odds in the industry.

In fact, baseball, hockey, and soccer commonly set the run or goal line at 1.5, which rarely changes. The underdog will almost always be listed at +1.5, while the favorite will be listed at -1.5. Hockey betting is a great way to win money if you are familiar with the game.

Losing four 100-unit bets in a row, then dropping a 500-unit hammer, is a great way to inflate and misrepresent your record. Betting 10 units ($200) on a game because you’re extra confident, when you usually bet 1 unit ($20), is a good way to go broke. Before you calculate units, you’ll need to know how to read American odds. We like to encourage a flat-betting approach here, so units should be a fixed value — if you usually bet $20 on a game, one unit for you is $20. The odds are just changed depending on the ability of the team — you won’t get -110 on both sides. They use those ratings, plus factors like home-field advantage, rest, and injuries, to create a point spread in advance of a scheduled game.

Indeed, you’re getting lower odds (+100 to -160), but you are also increasing your chances of cashing the bet. However, when we’re adding 1.5 runs to their final score, the whole dynamic changes. Instead of taking the favorite straight up, you can bet they’ll win by at least 2 runs. Now, you’re no longer getting -108 odds on the Blue Jays, but +147. The runline gives the confident bettor a chance to make more. This time the Blue Jays’ 2 run victory over the Yankees is enough to cover the spread.

This means the sportsbook keeps less of the money they accept , which means more goes back to the bettors. The +1.5 indicates that the White Sox must either win the game outright or lose by a single run in order for a run line bet placed on them to win. The odds listed for the White Sox on the run line in our example are -150.

“Covering the spread” is another way to say that a team won a point spread bet. In the above example, Ohio State winning by 7 points or more as a -6.5 favorite means they covered the spread. One team is the favorite, which needs to win the game by a certain amount. The other is the underdog, which can lose within a certain margin or win to cash the bet. The point spread is the life blood of American sports betting, giving each team an equal chance to cash a bet for you. NFL handicapping in sports betting lexicon means ‘leveling the playing fields’ so that both NFL teams have odds worthy of betting on.

Imagine you see the Lions +7.5 against the 49ers and, for some reason, you’re very excited to back the Lions. However, you normally bet $200 a game and you won’t have that sort of disposable income until you get paid on Friday. After a busy work week, you’re sipping a beer at home, shuffling your fantasy lineup around. You remember that line you wanted to bet, so you open your account and scroll down to find the Lions.

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